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A Stress-Free Guide to Planning Your Child's Birthday Party

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of planning your child's birthday party? Don't worry; we've got you covered with a simple checklist to make the process a breeze.

Follow these steps for a memorable and stress-free celebration:


1. Set a Date and Time.

2. Determine the Budget.

3. Select a Theme.

4. Arrange for Entertainment and book it.

5. Choose a Venue (home or elsewhere) and book it.

6. Contact other suppliers such as balloon decorators, if you are having this option..


1. Plan the Guest List

2. Order for your cake (if not doing a store bought one)

3. Order decorations and tableware

4. Order party favours (get extras incase siblings come)


1. Send Invitations- make sure to put a cut off date for responses, be clear. Include all ways to contact you.

2. Plan the Menu (if the venue does not do their own catering)

3. Decide on your child's party outfit and order it if necessary.


1. Get final confirmation from:

*Entertainment (check their still coming and confirm timings if the day i.e. when you want to do the cake etc, plus confirm how much and how to pay this)

*Venue (what time can you access and how to get in, useful phone number for the day, how to pay and how much it was)

*Cake maker (to find out how to collect and confirm the cost/how to pay)

*Other suppliers you may have contacted

2. Buy a cake or make your own (if you are doing store bought) or collect cake from the cake maker

3. Write a checklist of everything you will need to provide at the party- use ours to help:

*Party food and serving utensils



*Tableware: tablecloth, plates, cutlery, cups, napkins

*Blue tack/tape/string/scissors for decorations

*Candles and a lighter for the cake

*Knife to cut the cake

*Speaker and music playlist (if not provided by the entertainer)

*An extension lead (if plugs are not in an easy to reach place)

*The cake

*Party bags/favours for guests

*Bin bags

*Cash for your entertainment/venue hire

*Phone numbers for all suppliers you are using/hiring

4. Check final numbers and chase up any non-replies.

5. Prep party bags

Follow this checklist, and you'll be well on your way to hosting a fantastic and stress-free birthday party for your little one!

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