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Back to normal- well almost!

Good news! Since 19th July, covid-19 restrictions in England have been eased. This means we are now able to run our kids parties across Devon and Cornwall almost as normal. Numbers of guests are no longer limited and we can now do any of our children's parties at a venue of your choice. This could a be a party at home, in the garden, a party in a village hall or even having a children's party in a local leisure centre or hotel function room.

Even with the easing of the restrictions, we still feel the safety of the children at our kids' parties is paramount, so we have our 'safe partying measures' in place for our children’s parties and have adapted our covid-19 risk assessment to help prevent any unnecessary risks linked with the virus, whilst still proving a fun and memorable service.

We are now providing training and written guidance to staff on safe hygiene practices in line with government guidance. All of our entertainers will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser frequently, including before an event, during and afterwards. They will encourage children to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser during the party. They will also be vigilant in sanitising equipment, props and surfaces used at the party with attention to touch points. When hosting children's entertainment and parties within a venue, we require some of the windows, or at least the door, to remain open to ensure a good level of air flow in the party venue.

It has been an interesting process adapting the activities we run to be as safe as possible to mitigate the spread of the virus.

We have decided that our entertainers will no longer be required to wear face masks, which is in line with current government guidelines, however, if you would like them to, please just ask when booking your party and we will always make sure to follow your requests.

We are constantly checking the latest covid-19 guidelines in England for Events and also childcare settings, due to the nature of the activities we run and will always update our practises in accordance of the information set out.

I covered a party on the weekend where the original entertainment had to cancel due to covid. Hopefully, this will never happen, but if your entertainer from Just 4 Kids develops virus symptoms, they will self-isolate and we will then do whatever we can to organise an alternative entertainer for you (subject to availability).

The party organiser (you), not the entertainer, will be responsible for ensuring contact details of party guests are collected and held to meet NHS Test & Trace guidelines To keep our staff and your guests as safe as possible, children and/or their parents are not to attend events or activities if they are feeling unwell or have Coronavirus symptoms.

It really is such a strange time and none of us have ever experienced anything like it. However, we are keen to run our children's entertainment service in Cornwall and Devon as best as we can, to bring fun and create lots of memorable moments, despite the issues linked with covid.

Please support what we do to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

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