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Planning a Children's Birthday Party- What to budget for...

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

What core memories do you have of your childhood? Mine is definitely the birthday parties I had, which included discos in my lounge; a roller disco (my dad was a DJ and ran roller skating so this happened quite a lot); a tea party ; a sleepover with games; and even hiring a local magician. They were always great fun, where I got to spend time with my closest friends (and sometimes the whole class). And my family would always try their best to budget for a children's party by hosting the party at my house and mum would make the cake too.

Pastel coloured balloons spelling Party Time
It's party time!

I believe that your child's birthday party should be one of the most memorable times of their year. And to make sure it really is, it means that you should start planning for the party anywhere between one to three months in advance. Once you have decided on a date, it's crucial to set a clear budget early on and stick to it. Balancing your budget is key to a successful children's birthday party.

Plan out everything that you will need to cover. We have narrowed down the key points to consider to help you budget for your little one's birthday:

1: Entertainment: What type would your child like to have? A face painter, magician, character entertainment, karaoke, arts and crafts, bouncy castle, animal show etc.

2: Venue: How many children will be invited? Is it suitable to have the party at your house or is there a village/community hall close by? Perhaps you want to hire a venue that provides everything such as soft play/bowling with food included.

3: Food: Is there a kitchen for you to cook something like pizzas and chips? Or are you providing sandwiches and other nibbles for buffet style (this can be quite wasteful as children don't tend to eat a lot at a party) or individual party food boxes (one sandwich, a packet of crisps, box of raisins)? Perhaps you are just doing nibbles?

4: Birthday cake: Are you a pro-baker and want to have a cake that is a real centre piece? Or maybe you'd like to by one from a supermarket, which you could just pop some candles on the top. If choosing a professional cake maker, make sure to book this in advance as they can be very busy.

5: Decorations and the tableware: Is there are theme? You could purchase balloons and banners yourself or hire professional decorations to suit the theme/age of your child. Does the venue provide plates or will you need to purchase these, along with a table cloth, napkins, cutlery?

6: Party bags: What fillings would your guests like? Remember, this is more of a token gift for party goers to say thank you for coming to the party so they don't need to be extravagant- even a paper bag that the children could decorate at the party to pop the cake inside.

Birthday party cake and sweet treats on a table.
Your party food could be homemade.

The earlier you plan, the more time you have to same some money each week to cover the costs of the event. And if you budget for a children's party, you will know exactly what the rough cost will be! Don't go overboard with one big expense while ignoring other important party details. Always do some research to get estimates for everything you are planning to buy. Make notes of costings of everything you find, as this will help you compare different products and services and find the best product to suit your own budget.

At Just 4 Kids Parties, we have packages that suit all budgets. From our 1 hour Meet and Greet Party to our 2 hour full Party Package, your child will have the most memorable time at their party spending time with their favourite character. It doesn't matter what activities they do, our characters will always create magic to give you peace of mind and make your child's birthday party the most special day of the year.

Ariel, Rapunzel and Cinderella with little girls dressed as princesses, in front of a princess castle backdrop
Our characters cannot wait to meet your little ones.

Budget friendly idea: get organised and plan a strategic time of day and length of party that will ultimately save you some money. Ideally, the best time to host a kid’s party is one finishing between 2-5 PM because at this time guests don’t expect a full meal and instead everyone will look forward to snacks or a light lunch, which will be more budget-friendly.

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