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Warming up with Parachute Games

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I remember as a child, I would attend summer activities and there would always be one of the leaders, who would bring out the parachute and everyone would go crazy for it. I absolutely loved it and it was so much fun. That's one reason why we use a parachute as one of the activities you can choose from within our kid's parties across Devon and Cornwall.

At the start of a party, if the parachute games option has been chosen, the children's entertainer hosting the party would usually lay the parachute on the floor and encourage all of the children to sit around the edge of it for our welcoming chat. Not only is this a great way to keep everyone socially distanced, it helps keep everyone in a circle so they can see each other plus the children are able to build a relationship with the entertainer, as they find out the names and favourite colours of each guest.

Once the greeting section is complete, it's time to play.... each child stands up, holding a handle, ready to shake, lower and raise the parachute as part of 2 to 3 different games, lasting around 15 minutes.

We believe that our parachute games are a superb way to warm up and engage the children into the party. There are also many additional benefits the little ones gain from joining in with this activity (the reasons why so many teachers use parachute games in their learning too):

  • During each game, it teaches children to follow directions.

  • It encourages cooperation.

  • The parachute games reinforce turn-taking and sharing.

  • Children can develop their gross motor skills- it works the arms, shoulders, and torso.

  • It promotes communication and language skills.

  • Throughout each activity, children can develop a sense of rhythm.

  • Plus it introduces physical activity as fun.

It really is an exciting, colourful and fun way to begin a children's party.

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